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James Bond lives a very charmed existence. He resides in Wellington Square, Chelsea - where an apartment would have set him back around GBP2 million. He also has a penchant for fast and expensive cars. How he manages to live this lifestyle on a civil service/Royal Navy salary is anyone’s guess but Bond has taste incredibly good taste. He is old school – tailored suits, handmade shoes, unique wristwatches, vintage wines, and crafted luggage are his trademarks.

Yes, of course, 007 is a fictional character but his accoutrements are not and are available to purchase for a price – to non-spies like you – maybe - and me - definitely.

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Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Aston Martin DB5

Over the years, Bond has driven many cars – from his famous silver birch Aston Martin DB5 to a white Lotus Esprit Turbo (the underwater car) and even a modest but top the range Ford Mondeo (Casino Royale 2006 – Daniel Craig) in the Bahamas. In the original books by Ian Fleming, Bond owned an original 4.5 litre, 1930 Blower Bentley. One such car recently sold for over GBP1 million!

Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition

Bond has exclusively worn Omega wristwatches since 1995 when he (Pierce Brosnan), donned a Seamaster 300m Quartz Professional in GoldenEye. In his latest adventure - No Time to Die - 007's Omega is very much a rugged, less formal model which is - judging by the trailer (see below) - ideal for the storyline. Action, action and more action!

Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Special edition 007 Leica camera

You can buy Bond sunglasses from the Tom Ford collection, a special edition 007 Leica camera and The James – a special edition pair of black shoes crafted by Crockett & Jones - but for the traveller, the Globe-Trotter brand of Bond luggage is stunning, durable and indeed can now be purchased by spies and non-spies alike.

Globe-Trotter was founded by the British entrepreneur David Nelken in Germany in 1897. He used vulcanised materials in his handmade luggage making it virtually indestructible. He even had an elephant stand on one of his suitcases to prove its strength. Captain Scott used Globe-Trotter luggage on his ill-fated expedition to the South Pole. Globe-Trotter recently worked with British Airways to create a special BOAC carry-on – the Speedbird – which retails at GBP1935.

Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Globe-Trotter special edition Speedbird carry-on

For No Time To Die and in collaboration with Aston Martin, Globe-Trotter has released three very special pieces of luggage. Inspired by the cases that feature in the film, the range consists of a new 4-wheel case in a special edition Ocean Green Vulcanised Fibreboard with a black leather trim in a carry-on as well as a check-in size. There is also an attaché.

Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Globe-Trotter No Time To Die collection

The Globe-Trotter attaché costs GBP1395 and ventures up to GBP2220 for the large check-in. While this is expensive luggage – it will last for a lifetime. It’s the Patek Phillipe of the luggage world. Of course, if you cannot justify buying any of the luggage, you can buy a set of six Bond luggage stickers for GBP250 or a No Time To Die official luggage tag for a mere GBP110. 

Lifestyle Articles - Accessorise Like James Bond
Globe-Trotter special edition luggage tag


The World Premiere of No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond film, is now on general cinema release. 



 Cover photo courtesy of Crockett & Jones