Senaste nytt

Bra hotell med pool helst inom Sverige?

Vann hotell och Spa, inomhus spa, pooler utomhus och bryggor till havet. Mycket aktiviteter som padel mm samt nära till smögen.


Swissotel Tallinn är trevligt med fint spa. Visserligen inte i Sverige, men smidigt med flyg eller färja.


Äntligen kommer Malmö få ett hotell med pool! Malmö Live planerar för bygge kommande året.

Looking forward to that, but I suspect they will charge or otherwise limit the number of hotel guests able to use it. Sort of like is the case at the Clarion Sign in Stockholm. But maybe at Clarion Malmo Live we will end up with such Stockholm-like access restrictions + (unfortunately) Comfort Malmo attitude.

Some people in western Malmo and also out toward Vellinge/Hollviken/Skanor who have pools at their houses sometimes rent out their home (or a small short-term rental unit at their home) with a pool. That’s what I sometimes have had to do for visitors for whom the beaches or lakes wasn’t an acceptable substitute.