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Which Airport Has The Best Food?

You’ve made it on time. Baggage has been checked and security was a breeze. You’re in the terminal with two hours until you’re flight. Time for a meal!

And while the prices of food in airports is sky-high, the quality of cuisine on offer rarely is. In fact, airports are well-known to offer a pretty poor selection of grub – well, most of them.

To find out which airports have the best dining options, RewardExpert, a credit card and travel reward website, has compiled a data-driven ranking of the 15 most used airports outside of the U.S.

The company analysed thousands of reviews (including from Yelp and TripAdvisor), menus and pricing data from the airports to determine which is best in terms of overall restaurant quality, price and variety.

The RewardExpert 2018 International Dining Scorecard found that Japan’s Narita International Airport is the undisputed restaurant champion. Number one in the rankings for both taste and price, this Tokyo hub doesn’t have the greatest diversity in options, but it is chock full of Japanese classics such as sushi, udon and onigiri.

In fact, the Asian airports performed the best in the ranking, with four of the top five airports on the ranking located in Asia (Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, and Singapore’s Changi Airport join Narita and Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport in the top 5).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the European airports tend to be pretty undesirable spots for a bite to eat during a layover. Four of the bottom five airports in the rankings are European and suffer from a general lack in quality, price and cuisine choice. Italy’s Leonardo Da Vinci-Fuimicino Airport takes last place in the ranking. London’s Gatwick Airport came a respectable 6th. 

The top three airports ranked in the report are:

– Narita International Airport
– Taoyuan International Airport
– Hong Kong International Airport


The bottom three airports are:

– Charles De Gaulle Airport
– Barcelona-El Prat Airport
– Leonardo Da Vinci-Fuimicino Airport

The full rankings can be seen here.