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Turkish Airlines collaborates with AI-artist Refik Anadol

Turkish Airlines, renowned for flying to more countries than any other airline, has unveiled an innovative art project titled "Inner Portrait." 

This groundbreaking initiative, in collaboration with world-renowned media artist Refik Anadol, explores the intersection of human connection and travel through the lens of advanced data storytelling.

"Inner Portrait" delves into the inner landscapes of four individuals who have never travelled abroad. Tuikuru, a Brazilian from the Amazon, navigates the bustling streets of Tokyo, while Esther, a Kenyan woman, discovers Istanbul's rich history. Sahar, an Australian woman, journeys through the ancient wonders of Göbeklitepe and Cappadocia, and Sigurbjörn, an Icelandic man, experiences the breathtaking beauty of Jordan. 

Using the latest AI tools and neuroscientific sensors, Anadol and his team transform the raw emotional data of these first-time travellers into stunning AI Data Paintings. Brain data becomes the pigment, creating a mesmerising visual narrative that captures the transformative power of travel.

The project begins with collecting biological and neurobiological data from the travellers, including heart rate, skin conductance, and EEG outputs, using advanced monitoring devices like Neuroelectrics. This data is recorded throughout the journey, capturing the participants' immediate reactions to new environments and experiences. The artwork explores the correspondence between these experiences and neuronal activity, showcasing Anadol's innovative approach to using authentic human experiences as the foundation for new aesthetic expressions. As Turkish Airlines connects cultures, Anadol highlights the profound emotional and cognitive impacts of travel and cultural exchange, merging human experiences with technological innovation.

"Inner Portrait" is on show at Art Basel in Basel and a 30-minute documentary of "Inner Portrait" will be released in Autumn.

An example of Anadol's work: 

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