These are the reasons why Istanbul Airport is a 5-star airport

28. Dec 2020
by Dag Christian Holm

Skytrax has officially named Istanbul Airport a 5-star airport – these are the reasons why and what you can expect from the airport on your upcoming trip.

Istanbul Airport has become one of eight major airports hubs in the world to be awarded a 5-star Skytrax rating. This prestige rating is shared with other airports such as Singapore Changi Airport and Munich Airport.

Airports Articles - These are the reasons why Istanbul Airport is a 5-star airport
Relaxing areas.

Skytrax conducted a detailed audit of the airport using hundreds of criteria, from all stages of the passenger journey to shopping, lounges, restaurants offerings, and accessibility – these are the reasons why the airport has been acknowledged with 5-stars by Skytrax.

Availability and Service

Despite its size, the terminal offers an efficient movement of customers, ample processing points for security and immigration services, and a queue management system that monitors travellers’ number and communicates waiting times – making life easier for transit passengers.

Airports Articles - These are the reasons why Istanbul Airport is a 5-star airport
Lot´s of services are offered to the travellers.

There is an extensive network of contact points for customer service, including information and tourist information desks and multilingual employees trained according to the «five pillars of Turkish hospitality».

A broad range of adapted facilities is offered to travellers with disabilities, such as barrier-free routes and mobile voice assistance for visually impaired customers. Family travellers can enjoy benefits including, reserved parking spaces near the terminal, child-friendly queues, baby trolls and nursing rooms across the airport.

Amenities and Facilities

The airport has a wide range of facilities covering essential areas, such as nap zones, working spaces, comfortable seats, charging points, children’s play areas, shower facilities, complimentary Wi-Fi, etc. Moreover, the toilets are never more than 60 metres away in passenger areas.

For passengers who have time, there is everything one could wish for. From spas, hairdressers, a wide range of shopping for all budgets and complimentary activities! One of these being the 1000 sqm IGA Museum and historical, art and cultural exhibitions spread throughout the terminal, and live concert performances in the gate areas.

Airports Articles - These are the reasons why Istanbul Airport is a 5-star airport
IGA Museum.

The airport pride itself on offering over 150 food and beverage outlets next year, from local dishes to international options – at a rage of budgets!

Skytrax also noted the airport’s plans for next year, including a gym, e-sports facility, and open-air terraces, which means there is, even more, to look forward!

Besides being a 5-star airport, Istanbul Airport has also obtained a 5-star COVID-19 classification, making it one of only two airports in the world to receive both classifications.