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Hermès and Apple unveil AirTag accoutrements

For the launch of Apple’s new security/travel-based product – AirTag – Hermès has crafted three stunning, luxurious leather accessories.

The AirTag is a tracker in the form of a small, circular disc. Users place or attach these trackers to key fobs, luggage, wallets, purses, or handbags and utilising the Apple FindMy app, can keep track on where their precious items are.

Lifestyle News - Hermès and Apple unveil AirTag accoutrements
Apple AirTag bag charm, luggage tag and key ring by Hermès

Hermès has produced three complementary pieces for Apple - a bag charm, luggage tag, and key ring. All three are available in Fawn Barenia calfskin with the bag charm also in Orange Swift and Blue Swift calfskin and the key ring also in Blue Swift calfskin . The items are lightweight, portable and look exquisite. Most importantly, the AirTag fits neatly in each. The AirTag is dust and water resistant and contains a small speaker which emits a sound when it is located on the app. 

Lifestyle News - Hermès and Apple unveil AirTag accoutrements
Hermès has been producing accessories for Apple products since 2010

The Paris-based luxury goods maison Hermès and the American tech giant have been working together for over a decade. The relationship between Apple and Hermès began in 2010 when a bespoke leather iPad case was crafted for the seminal first-generation device. In 2019, the collaboration continued with the Apple Watch Hermès Series 4.

Lifestyle News - Hermès and Apple unveil AirTag accoutrements
Hermès Apple AirTag bag charm as seen on The Kelley

With the proven technology from Apple and the exquisite craftsmanship from Hermès, every product they have produced together has been an instant hit.  

The Hermès Apple AirTag bag charm starts at 299 €, the key ring at 349 € and the luggage tag at 449 € and are available to buy from, and in Hermès stores worldwide.