TUMI Tracer

Smart tracking solution from TUMI

Lost luggage is always a less enjoyable part of the travel experience, but fortunately, there are great solutions. We take a closer look at what the American company, TUMI is doing to reunite lost luggage with its owners.

Although statistics show that lost luggage has decreased in recent years, yet thousands of passengers continue to lose their luggage each year. Luggage tags can often help with the tracking work, but what happens when they fall off the bag? We asked Magnus Nilsson, sales representative for TUMI.

– First of all, of course, you should label your luggage with your name and contact information, but TUMI also offers its own solution. We developed the TUMI Tracer, which is a concept designed to make it easier to find lost luggage. With the help of a unique code, we can link both the customer and luggage.

Suitcases and several other products from TUMI contain a metal plate with a 20-digit code. The owner can register his product and code free of charge on the TUMI Tracer website.

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– If a TUMI product is found without any other contact information, it is possible to trace the owner. The lost freight services and airports worldwide are often familiar with the system, and with the help of a TUMI service centre it is, therefore, possible to contact the owner, Nilsson explains.

There are also electronic solutions based on GPS tracking available today, but TUMI Tracer has been around for a long time and is well established. Registration is also used in various service needs. For example, a customer can talk to a service centre over the phone, and both parties are absolutely sure of which product they are talking about.

While TUMI Tracer requires that you own a suitcase or bag included in the program, the company also sells accessories, such as key traces with the TUMI Tracer.