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A Message From Our Founder & CEO

I am very excited to announce the launch of our new website - BusinessClass.com – a pioneering travel search engine dedicated to those who fly in First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy cabins and stay in the finest hotels & resorts. 

I had been working in travel tech for over 20 years, and still found it hard to find the best travel offers. I was also finding it difficult to understand the differences between all the airline and hotel suggestions that were being provided by the plethora of search engines. It was truly a jungle out there. I concluded that no travel search engine catered for the more discerning traveller looking for comfort and class at a great price.

In 2015, I came up with the concept of BusinessClass.com. Using proprietary algorithms, we have meticulously designed and built a search engine that sifts through hundreds of travel sites to find you the best premium travel offers for both flights and accommodation. 

Lifestyle Articles - A Message From Our Founder & CEO
Jason Eckhoff, Founder & CEO of BusinessClass.com

I am often asked why we are investing so much effort into BusinessClass.com when the travel industry is in such a turmoil. My answer is simple - if we do not invest in the future, there is no future. 

Our contribution to a greener tomorrow and sustainability in travel is of utmost importance to me. To this end, we highlight the green initiatives that are being implemented by all the airlines and hotels & resorts we review.

There is much more to BusinessClass.com than just amazing offers!

Jason Eckhoff
CEO, BusinessClass.com