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Review of Treehouse Hotel London review by Varun Sharma
Updated 21. Jun 2024

Treehouse Hotel London is situated just metres from one most famous buildings in the world - the headquarters of the BBC - Broadcasting House. Treehouse is a lifestyle hotel that in my head is a 8.5/10 but in my heart a 10/10 - because it serves the the tastiest pizza in London - nay England - in its Pizzeria Mozza restaurant.

There are just 95 guestrooms - including 12 suites - in Treehouse. Guests enter on the ground floor and are whisked up to the 15th floor Reception desk - it's very much like Hong Kong, New York or Tokyo in that respect. The hotel is popular with the LA, NYC crowd - who love loft-style living with views. The guestrooms start on the 9th floor and go up - so you can expect fabulous vistas of the greatest city in the world from every window! 

The 16th floor boasts a rooftop bar - The Nest - one of the most popular in & out-door easy dining & drinking spots in London. The superb 360-degree vistas of London from The Nest are unparalleled. 

Pizzeria Mozza is located on the Ground floor while Madera - the other inhouse dining experience on the 15th floor - offers haute-Mexican cuisine. Yes, you read that correctly - haute-Mexican cuisine. It's different and it's actually quite fabulous! Along with Pizzeria Mozza, Madera is imported from California. 

The service is this hotel is memorable. It's friendly, genuine, exacting, professional, knowledgeable and the Staff look relaxed - even on a Friday evening when the hotel is overrun by thirsty, hungry and joyful Guests and visitors.

Opened in 2019, Treehouse Hotel London (there's a Treehouse opening soon in Manchester) is part of the SH Hotels & Resorts group - which also boasts the luxury Baccarat and 1 Hotels, respectively, in its stable. Every cog in the Treehouse wheel has been designed so beautifully. From the furniture, to the artwork and from the guestrooms to the guest experience. 

The hotel does attract a younger following but even an oldie like me did not feel intimidated by the Ling and Vitto-adorned supermodels at every turn! In fact, I noted that there were several families and more-refined, grey-haired guests staying at the Treehouse - attracted by the pleasant service, refreshing design and superb cuisine - that makes the Treehouse so special.  

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The Treehouse Hotel is located at 14 - 15 Langham Place - at the northern end of Regent Street. It's “official" district is Marylebone. 

It is sandwiched between the historic Old Souls, Langham Place church (opened in December 1823) and the attached Henry Wood House - named after the founder of world famous (BBC) Proms now held in Summer, mainly at The Royal Albert Hall. 

The hotel has guestrooms from the 9th to 14th floors - with Reception and Madera on the 15th floor and The Nest on the 16th floor, rooftop.

The nearest underground station to the hotel is Oxford Circus (five minutes walk) which is served by the Victoria, Bakerloo and Central lines. These can take you anywhere in London - north, south, east or west. 

Mayfair and Soho are to the south of the hotel - 15-minutes walk away and to the north, you have Regents Park complete with London Zoo. To the west its Marylebone and to the east, Bloomsbury.



There are just 95 guestrooms including 12 suites in the Treehouse Hotel London - spread over 5 floors - starting at floor 9.

You receive your security keycard at the 15th floor Reception desk and head down to your guestroom. The lifts work from ground floor to 15th floor - and will only stop at your floor when your keycard is presented. There is a separate “express elevator” - open only at certain hours - that whisks visitors from ground to Reception at superspeed!

Every floor has its own water station - near the lift - where you can fill up your bottle before you head out for the day. The water from the room's cold tap is perfectly drinkable by the way.

The main draw to the Treehouse guestrooms are the views. Which ever side of the building you are - front (facing Langham Place/BBC) or behind - looking towards South Bank and The City - you are treated to often unfettered vistas. The hotel exploits this with huge windows and window-sofas - where at any time of day, you sit comfortably and watch your part of the world. It's one of the “hotel wonders of the world” - well, London at least! 

There are several room categories from Fort King (23 square metres), to Lookout King, Lookout Two Doubles, Skyline Queen, Skyline King, connecting Skyline Queens (40 square metres), Studio Suite (37 square metres), Clubhouse Suite … and finally connecting Clubhouse Suite & Lookout Twin (61 square metres). So, “singles”, “doubles”, “just good friends” and family spaces! All with views - varying depending on category and floor. 

The design of all the rooms & suites is similar and refreshing. During the extensive refurbishment, the owners decided to have some fun - take a few chances and see what would happen. You will see bright yellow cuckoo clocks (that don't call at every hour!), crazy, pastel, soft cushions - some in shapes including sloths and mushrooms, decommissioned oil lamps, globes, 60s record players (with some quite dodgy records), and at Treehouse Hotel London, you are NEVER alone - as every room has a Paddington Bear - the “patron saint of travel” - to keep you company. There is a magic 8-ball next to the bed - and if you ask it - pizza, yes or no, the answer is always “yes”! Sweet, kitsch, crazy and delightful!

Welcome amenities include delicious cakes and sweet treats.

There are only five bathtubs - exclusively in the suites - in the whole hotel but every guestroom has a walk-in shower. Now, I am not talking about one of those cramped walk-ins, but ones where you could easily shower with a baby elephant. The bathroom is very much treehouse-interior-chic - with tree branches as part of their charm. The hotel uses its own amenities (all hypoallergenic and sustainable) and the hand/body cream is sensational. It's non-greasy and very skin absorbent - even on the face - the best hotel cream - branded or not - I have ever used. The amenity bottles are sizeable but not fiddly at all! The towels are plentiful, fluffy and smell fresh. Each room has soft bathrobes and slippers. 

There are great tea/coffee making facilities - which are free - but venture into the minibar at your peril! Unless having an expense account that is! Minibars are an interesting dilemma - some hotels fill it up with goodies and everything is complimentary and some charge the Earth. Saying that, at 2 a.m. when you have consumed a heavy meal washed down with a fine Sangiovese, who cares?

The beds are very comfortable - with thick duvets, snuggly pillows and perfect-for-Goldilocks mattresses.

A widescreen television gives you access to dozen of channels - radio and television, and you can stream your own device onto the screen very easily.

All-in-all, the rooms are inventive, fun, comfy and different - although unless you are happy to see/hear your travel-companion on the toilet - the shower rooms lack a spot of privacy!

The people/bird/plane/building/cloud-watching from a window sofa is truly memorable and you can expect other hotels to copy this lovely luxury!

The hotel is child and dog friendly!

Service & Facilities


Treehouse Hotel London does not have a spa, swimming pool or gym. Close to the hotel is a Pure Gym and spin classes can be arranged at Psycle. Concierge can also arrange personal fitness training on The Nest terrace (before it opens) or in one of the most wonderful, oxygen-rich, verdant open spaces in London, Regent's Park - which is also a great running track or dog-walking adventure!

The hotel has three in-room video workouts for guests to try - Hotel Room HIIT, Barre at the Bar or Bed Time Yin. Each can be worked through (in my case unsuccessfully) at different times of the day, aimed at promoting wellbeing. Bed Time Yin helps with pizza digestion!

On the ground floor - your entrance to the Treehouse itself, there is a library, large solid wood table with chairs and a welcome station. While the area around the hotel is swamped with coffee shops, there is nothing better than a barista-made coffee (from the hotel's 15th floor), served with a smile! There is always a member of Staff to guide and offer pleasantries on the ground floor - especially about the weather! The coffee shop (formery known as The Backyard) is soon to be replaced with the Reception area. 

Early in the morning, sit in front of the hotel main entrance - it's wonderful spot to soak-in this part of London before it gets busy with people and cars. 

The hotel offers a plethora of season-changing events/offers with fabulous names such as “the ulti-mutt staycation” (woof) or “the Swift staycation" (Shake it Off) - what fun the hotel's marketing team must have!

Pizzeria Mozza - which is literally a few steps from the hotel entrance offers pizza-making classes. A must!

There's oyster shucking, book-swapping, artistry - the list goes on. Head to the hotel website to see what is on offer. 

Currently there's an interesting sustainability/fashion art instillation in partnership with eco-social artist Luca Gnizio. This Italian artist lives by his watchwords - reduce, reuse, and recycle - and he has three pieces exhibited at the hotel - two curated chairs at Maders and an LED lamp in The Nest. The art is on display until the end of November.

Also the hotel has an “honesty rack”. Basically, you drop off a pair of jeans that you no longer wear and swap them for a pair there that you like! Also, embroidery and textile artist Chloe Amy Avery is available to personalise your “new” jeans - in my mind, personalisation of anything is a luxury … 



The site of 14 - 15 Langham Place has enjoyed a colourful past.

In 1893, the Queen's Hall concert hall was opened. Designed by architect Thomas Knightley, it was the original home for the (Henry Wood) Proms. The Hall was famous for its pianola with orchestra performances. The Queen's Hall was dubbed “musical centre of the British Empire". The likes of Ravel (Bolero), Richard Strauss (waltzes) and Debussy played there. In the 1930s, it was also the base for the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The link to the (now BBC) Proms is inexorable. Indeed the building next to the Treehouse Hotel is named after Henry Wood - the “father" of the Proms. 

In 1941, during the Blitz, the hall was hit by a single incendiary device - probably meant for the BBC building - and it was razed to the ground. Nothing remained of this 2,000 seater Hall except a bronze of Sir Henry Wood.

The Crown Estate put up an unremarkable 15 floor building and until 2019, it was branded as Saint George's Hotel. This 4-star property was pretty awful but the Heights Restaurant on the 15th floor was popular for the views that it offered. The cuisine was terrible but at Christmas time, the restaurant was an ideal location to enjoy the Regent Street lights. The BBC kept the hotel in business - with guests and staff being accommodated there. Also the meeting rooms and bar were popular for BBC executives and for leaving parties! 

In 2019, after a major renovation and refubishment, the Treehouse Hotel London opened. Walls were stripped back to their original  state – same with ceilings. So wonderfully modern.

The man behind the venture - Barry Sternlicht - is a veteran in the hospitality industry - W Hotels is his brainchild - having already purchased Westin and Sheraton Hotel groups, respectively. 

His other brands include Baccarat (the hotel in New York is superb) and 1 Hotels - the London property opened in 2023.

The Treehouse Hotel brand is in-your-face sustainability, with charming, sweet edges that give Guests the sense of fun and friendship - while still providing seriously professional service.

Every guestroom at the hotel was gutted and fun ‘n funky elements - like window sofas, bright yellow cuckoo clocks and Paddington Bears were added. They are attractive to visitors of all ages. Staff call you by your first name - unless you ask them not to! There is no “them & us” .. it’s just “us”. And I - for one - love that. 

Restaurants & Bars


While Treehouse Hotel London does not hold a single Michelin star, the cuisine & beverage offerings are diverse and delicious. Faultless actually.

London is overrun with “award-winning” restaurants that service miniscule portions at inflated prices. Madera and Pizzeria Mozza both conjour hearty portions at affordable prices. The quality of the dishes is remarkable and the Chefs/pizziolas are quite talented. Stick them in a Michelin-starred establishment and they would hold their own.

Let's start at the top and head down … from The Nest to pizza heaven!

The Nest - open Monday to Saturday, noon to 1 a.m. and Sunday noon to 11 p.m. Booking (especially in Summer) a must. After 5 p.m., guests must be 21 years or over. On Fridays and Saturdays, hotel guests must pay £30 for a 2-hour reservation - a minimum spend basically. It's worth the money just for the 360-degree views over London. 

The Nest is an incredibly welcome destination bar & restaurant. You can choose to sit - eat & drink - inside and outside. Expect beer (including Treehouse Lager), wine, cocktails and a fabulous all-day menu.

The cocktail (and shots) menu is extensive. My favourite is called Strawberry + Cream - a Wimbledon Milk Punch - with vodka, milk, citrus and fresh strawberries. Yum. The Green Apple Tequila shot is a great nip to finish off a wonderful evening. Enjoy burgers, chips, mezze, cheese or chacuterie boards … but … the battered cod goujons are delicious. 

On Sundays, the afternoon is a haven for four-legged friends - drinks on the woof - and from Thursday to Saturday, from 8 p.m., dance away with the resident DJ (Sounds and Sips).

The Nest is an escape from the mayhem of ground-level-London. It's vibe - a nest atop a treehouse - works. Sitting inside the Nest is warm - sitting outside at any time of day - in any weather - is hot! 

Worth mentioning - The Nest is currently hosting Laurent-Perrier wines for the Summer. The rosé is - as always - terrific and one of the finest wines available! Yumyum!

To the 15th floor and Madera. This restaurant is a member of a Los Angeles family - renowned for its excellent cuisine, service and gloriously-designed dining rooms.

Madera offers haute-accessible, organic Mexican cuisine. And it's genuinely terrific. Open for a daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and a very popular weekend brunch, Madera is a mezcla of dishes that tantalise the tasetbuds. Of course, there are vegetarian and vegan options …

Breakfast has all the usual suspects - with a Mexican twist. Enjoy tortillas, or turkey bacon, or pancakes – served with a stunning vista of London. Note: beef, turkey, chicken - but no pork products. Coffee is reassuringly expensive - GBP4 - and priced per cup.

Lunch - with those superb complimentary views - is a delightful affair. There's a 2 and 3 course menu but the à la carte (available at dinner time too) is the head-to. If I liken your local chain Mexican restaurant to McDonalds - Madera is the Fat Duck in Bray! Fabulously fresh products, sometimes spicey, always delicious. And not a sombrero in sight! The “Rocks” is worth a try - hot lava stones with sizzling fish, meat or vegetables. Delicioso! Cocktails and desserts a must.

Next up - Room Service. Menus are available via the television. While you can opt for a local takeout, the hotel's outstanding cuisine is and should be your only option. Pizza, pizza, pizza!

Finally - Pizzeria Mozza. Located on the Ground Floor of the hotel - a few steps from the main entrance is - what I believe to be - the best pizzeria in London! Brave words some may say but my body is half blood, half pizza and I have travelled the world extensively, eating pizza whereever and whenever I can!

Mozza knows its stuff.

The original Osteria Mozza is an L.A. stalwart. Those Californians are an exacting bunch and Mozza is beloved by those who know and appreciate good pizza. The Michelin-star holding Osteria Mozza was created by chef Nancy Silverton (& culinary partner Mario Batali) - serving up tasty Italian dishes. Bouyed by its success, she opened a Pizzeria Mozza close by and that too was acclaimed and favourably received by all & sundry.

Her London outpost - part of the Treehouse Hotel London - does not disappoint. 

I am not a fan of celebrity chefs that open restaurants and don't cook in them - but Silverton's chef in London is Nikko Crisostomo Marquez who trained at Mozza in Los Angeles. He is terrific and his creations are of LA-standards, if not better.  

The room is bright and airy. It is dominated by a long seated bar and the food prep-area complete with the perfect Valoriani Pizza oven.

Kick off with a cocktail (Aperol or Negroni Spritz) … or a flute of finely-chilled Laurent Perrier Rosé. For your mains, the Alois Lageder Krafuss Pinot Noir Biodynamic 2019 is sensible for lovers of red or indeed the Soave Classico Superiore Le Rive Viticola Suavia 2018 for lovers of white.

The starters are varied - from the Cauliflower Fritti (with spicy mint aioli) or the Prosciutto di Parma with Mozzarella di Bufala. Both terrific. The latter is mostly crucified by more recognised Italian restaurants but not here. 

Pizza-wise. Perfecto. The Margherita is simple but so much complication goes into its delivery. The base and rim are cooked well with only a hint of blackened flour. The ingredients are tiptop and cooked to the perfect temperature for the perfect time. The tomato sauce is fresh - with a hint of garlic and oregano. Watching Chef and Team dance around the pizza oven is mesmerising. Being a pizzaiola is an art and Chef Nikko is Michelangelo! My favourite item is the Prosciutto de Parma pizza with tomato, mozzarella di bufala & rucola. My best culinary-related dreams are dominated by this pizza!! Oh, Mozza serves Italian sandwiches during the day and a couple of pasta dishes. I have not sampled either. 

Leave room for dessert - a selection of seasonal sweet treats. Gelato is good - the strawberry cake is magnificent.

You receive a complimentary teeth-rattling shot of limoncella with your bill. Accept with gratitude, down it, wince and then – smile. 

While the service can sometimes be a bit sketchy, the food & drink makes up for it in vangas.

A popular and excellent way to eat your way through the Treethouse Hotel London is known as “Climb the Tree”. Available between Tuesday and Saturday: 12 - 2 and 5 - 9 pm - guests can enjoy Pizzeria Mozza - then Madera - finally The Nest for views and cocktails! Personally, I would “Slide Down the Tree” - Champagne at The Nest, then a Rock at Madera … and finally pizza at Mozza … and after that - grab a gelato from the Mozza ice cream bike … but, that's just me! 


As with all SH Hotels & Resorts properties, sustainability is a watchword. From the hotel renovation to the bathroom amenties, and the food & beverage ingredients to the furnishings - everything has been built, sourced and created with sustainability in mind.

The hotel carefully measures its energy and water consumption monthly - looking constantly on how to save. The Foodprint Group is helping the hotel to replace any single use items with reusable, recyclable and compostable options. The hotel has also fitted water leak detectors within the architecture of the buildings to reduce waste, and ultimately to turn off or set-back any heating, cooling and ventilation equipment when it’s not needed. A food digester in on site to reduce food waste

The hotel’s design team has used flea market furniture, objects and dining wear for most of the public areas.

The hotel's own app ensures that printing on paper is kept to a minimum.

The room keys are made of wood. 

Every floor offers Guests a tap & sink, delivering filtered water for your resuable bottle. 

The rooms boast fabulous, “green” amenities in large pump-action glass bottles. Bedsheets and towels are changed on request to save on laundry.

The Treehouse Hotel London “looks & feels" green - from its name, the furnishings, the decor, the menus, the amenities and even the room design.

Sustainbility is not just a word for Treehouse, it's a way of life …  

What We Love

  • Location — having started my career at the BBC, I have walked past 14-15 Langham Place hundreds of times. Just 5-minutes walk from Oxford Circus, 15-minutes from Mayfair and 40-minutes from London Zoo, Treehouse Hotel London sits in a lovely corner of the city. Within minutes you could be shopping in a fancy boutique (Bond Street), drinking in a trendy bar (St James's), or eating in a Michelin-star restaurant (Mayfair). A few hops & skips from the entrance, you can donate blood (!), play tennis, sightsee, visit a museum (the super Wallace Collection) and enjoy the best that London has to offer - all from your Treehouse Hotel London!
  • Service - great service makes a great hotel stay. The service at Treehouse Hotel London is on par with that of any of the finest hotels in London but without any heirs & graces. I like to be called by my first name, I like to be WhatsApped, I like advice that's aimed at me (you look like a whisky guy!), I like being asked which is my favourite Taylor Swift song (her version of You're so Vain) … Treehouse is all about inclusivity. Old, young, balding, hirsute, Armani, GAP … all are welcome!
  • Rooms - contrary to popular belief, I do not always get the largest suite when I review a hotel. 1013 at Treehouse Hotel London had everything I needed - except a bathtub! I did spend 20-minutes exploring the room - taking in the art, design, chatting to my Paddington Bear, playing with the television, rolling atop the bed – and hours sitting at my window sofa watching the world go by ... a memorable treehouse experience! 

    Varun Sharma
    Editor in Chief

What They Love

  • Playfulness: we offer a lighthearted and genuine approach to hospitality. There’s an element of nostalgia in what we do, drawing on fun memories of long hot summers outside and bringing that inside.
  • Climb: the Tree: starting in Pizzeria Mozza with antipasti and a selection of Italian cocktails and wines, then climbing to the 15th floor for tacos and margaritas at Madera, before finally scaling the last branch to reach The Nest, for a supper desert and drink to savour while looking out at London's skyline.
  • Window: sofas: it’s not called Treehouse for nothing! Each of our rooms have large expansive windows with seats to lounge on and watch the world go by up in the clouds. Our guests always comment on the best place to join an online meeting is from a room with a real view, or ask to extend their check out time to spend just a little more time finishing a few more chapters!

    Spencer Yeo
    General Manager
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