Riyad El Cadi

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Seven riads form the basis of this boutique guest house founded by the esteemed diplomat Herwig Bartels. Situated in the heart of the Medina it has three entrances, making it an ideal bolthole from the hustle and bustle. Choose from double rooms, single rooms, and suites. However, for a truly unique stay, the Blue House is a “house within a house” ideal for families or small groups. Inside this quaint dwelling one can find a private courtyard with small sitting room ideal for private parties, a kitchenette, and private terraces for lengthy sunbaths. There are also two bedrooms with double beds in the Blue Room on the ground floor and the Kilim Room on the first floor. 

The main restaurant serves tagines and exotic salads underneath the citrus trees in the summer months and by the fire when the weather turns colder. Retreat to the spa for an indulgent black soap scrub and massage before being served mint tea. Or have a manicure followed by a facial using products based on Argan oil. This super oil commonly known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties is found only in Morocco. The products in the Riyad El Cadi spa all contain natural ingredients ranging from argan oil and rose water to Ghassoul clay.

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