North Island a Luxury Collection Resort Seychelles

A Verified Hotel

Arguably the finest Marriott property on Earth. Originally opened in 2003 with just 11 villas, it has retained its size but its guest facilities have been continually upgraded. This granitic island is 201 hectares in area (500 acres) and its highest point is 180 metres above sea level. The island is swathed in rainforest. Île du Nord is located 27 kilometres north of Mahé– a 15-minute journey by helicopter. North Island is the ultimate family holiday destination – ten of the villas feature 2 bedrooms and “Number 11” is the only couple’s accommodation – i.e., a single bedroom. The ten are a delightful 450 square metres in area with “11” standing at 750 square metres. Each villa is furnished to the highest quality, feature a plunge pool, and most importantly has direct access to the beach. There are four main beaches on the island each as wonderful as the next.

The main “piazza” is home to a library, dive centre, boutique, and lounge/bar/restaurant – which serves delicious haute cuisine and holiday food. The resort boasts a 45-metre infinity swimming pool. There are no cars on the island – just bicycles and electric buggies. A highlight of any visit to the island is to the Environment Centre which educates guests on the island’s conservation and sustainability efforts and focuses on the giant Aldabra tortoises that have made North Island their home.


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