Fregate Island Private

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There are few island resort experiences in the world that can top a visit to Frégate Island. This 2 square kilometres slice of heaven is located 55 kilometres east of Mahé, just four degrees south of the Equator. It is accessible by helicopter (preferred) and by ferry. The island has 13 private pool villas, 3 private pool twin villas and the Banyan Hill Estate – a 3-villa retreat. Each villa comes with butler service. 85% of the fresh produce served to guests is grown on the island by hydroponics. There are seven main beaches on Frégate and Anse Victorin – with its soft, white, fine sand – is arguably the best beach in the world.

Frégate offers all the facilities and amenities that every luxury property boasts from a dive centre to swimming pool and spa but the island offers so much more of an ethereal experience. The island’s highest point is 125 metres above sea level on Mont Signal. Guests can trek around and through Frégate enjoying the magnificent forest, flora & fauna. There are around two thousand giant Aldabra tortoises roaming the island who are quite cordial. Frégate is home to the Seychelles blue pigeon and magpie-robin – both endangered species until the owners of the island set up a pioneering rescue and breeding program. Every year around 85 hawksbill turtles shuffle up the beaches to lay their eggs – during the day. The sight of these adult turtles laying eggs is amazing but if you there when the eggs hatch and the hatchlings make their way into the Ocean, it is unforgettable. Frégate is heaven on earth.  

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