Château Monfort is an urban castle boutique hotel located in the heart of Milan which features just 77 rooms. This fairytale-opera-inspired 20th century Art Nouveau chateau was designed by architect Paolo Mezzanotte. An oriental garden filled with blooms greets guests in the Hibiscus Executive Suite. The bathroom vanishes behind a LED-light curtain and the walls are adorned in shades of blue that blend with the light wood of the parquet – giving  an enchanting atmosphere.  For the big kids the Schiaccianoci Deluxe is a fun and colourful room which satisfies childhood dreams. Discover a closet hidden in the walls beneath the sloping roof, an original antique music box and a stunning four-poster bed beneath the large and luminous skylights. In the morning, the Sala del Dolce Risveglio serves up a splendid breakfast among rows of cups and teapots that transform into little lamps, to conjure up the wonderland of Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Discover the Sala del Rubacuori and its intimate Alcova for a romantic dinner or enjoy a light lunch in the Sala della Caccia hunting lodge. Spa Amore & Psiche is a serene environment with enveloping aromas. Unwind under a romantic emotional shower, discover a hidden swimming pool, and indulge in a sauna or Turkish bath, surrounded by a sea of gold and blue. Château Monfort overlooks Piazza Tricolore in the stylish Monforte district not far from the boutiques of the famed fashion district. The hotel is a short walk from the Duomo Cathedral, Palazzo Reale, Teatro La Scala and Via Montenapoleone.

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