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Corona-viruset och hur det påverkar resande


Hur var beskedet hos Tallin i fredags, är det enbart IRROPS-ombokningar man gör? Vi kan väl inte boka om 2-4-1 där om inga inställda flighter finns än?

Jag har 2 stycken 2-4-1-bokningar där hemvägen är MIA-LIS-ARN-OSD samt MIA-LIS-ARN-CPH.
Hur var beskedet hos Tallin i fredags, är det enbart IRROPS-ombokningar man gör? Vi kan väl inte boka om 2-4-1 där om inga inställda flighter finns än?

Jag har 2 stycken 2-4-1-bokningar där hemvägen är MIA-LIS-ARN-OSD samt MIA-LIS-ARN-CPH.
Beskedet jag fick i fredags var ”standard ticketing rules”. Så är något inställt kan du ändra som irrops, annars avgift som vanligt fram till dagen innan avfärd.

Flying Finn

Njae, transit flights borde väl betyda att mycket av operationen för Qatar kommer rulla på?

Jo, tydligen kommer de att tillåta transit. Ursprungliga uttrycket gav mig en bild av flyg som mellanlandar, inte passagerare som besöker flygplatsen DOH för att byta plan.

Under the instructions of the Ministry of Public Health, from midnight Wednesday evening, 18 March, Hamad International Airport (HIA) will only allow entry to the State of Qatar for Qatari nationals, who will be required to enter quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Passport holders of other nations will no longer be granted entry for a period of 14 days, after which the restrictions will be reviewed. Passengers with onward connections through HIA will be accepted for travel and Qatar Airways’ global network will continue its operation for transit passengers as normal. Cargo operations remain unaffected.

Det skulle bådat illa för bolaget att stoppa totalt. Dock har de ju sina oljepengar i landet.
Jag har en bokning som är listad som inställd (T/R ARN-ORD, ej fullflex, med SAS), men på "mina sidor" verkar allt vara som vanligt.
Hur gör man för att få tillbaka pengarna? Kan välja att avboka som "vanligt", men då antar jag att jag bara får tillbaka skatter & avgifter?
Vill inte heller att SAS bokar om mig via CPH.

Undrar också detta. Min CPH-LAX 26 mars är med i listan nu. Däremot är min hemresa inte med i listan än. Vill cancellera och få pengarna tillbaka, ingen voucher, inte boka om.
Canceled flights | SAS

Här är de inställda SAS-flighterna. Lär väl fyllas på en hel del.

När jag söker på 2020-04-15 kommer SK939/940 (ARN-LAX/LAX-ARN) upp och inte SK931/932 CPH-LAX. 939/940 finns ju inte längre.

Edit: ser nu att på Corona info sidan så står det att sidan med inställda flyg just nu är uppdaterad t.o.m. 28 mars, säkert därför andra datum inte stämmer
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FANTASTISKT! Här i Taipei hålls frun i karantän efter att hon ankom med flyget igår (se tidigare inlägg). Två gånger i dag har det ringt från myndigheterna för att kontrollera att hon är i hemmet. Nu ringde det på dörren och där stod Ming-Feng från District office of Taipei City. I handen har han en påse full med mat, böcker, kryddor och annat. Det är ju alldeles fantastiskt och skulle (tyvärr) aldrig kunna hända i Sverige.
WOW! Fick just veta att government har satt positionering på min frus telefon.
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LONDON (Reuters) - The owner of British Airways said it would cut its flying capacity by at least 75% in April and May and its outgoing boss Willie Walsh would defer his retirement in its fight to survive the coronavirus outbreak.

International Consolidated Airlines Group (ICAG.L) said it would also ground flights, freeze discretionary spending, reduce working hours and temporarily suspend employment contracts.

Deleted member 30163

In the message we sent to you last Thursday, we promised to stay in close touch about the impact of the coronavirus on our business and the steps that we’re taking to aggressively manage it.

In just the last few days, the impact of the coronavirus has really hit home and disrupted the daily routines of hundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the world. State and local governments continue to close schools, encourage people to avoid bars and restaurants and cancel more large gatherings. This weekend, President Trump announced new travel restrictions for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Watching this unfold, you won’t be surprised to hear that the impact of the coronavirus on our business has also gotten quite a bit worse.

As the leaders of the 100,000 people of United, we feel a deep obligation to each of you to run our company in a way that protects you — and your ability to provide for your family at home. We also owe it to you, especially in a crisis, to be open with you about important decisions we face.

We want to share some numbers to help you understand just how bad the impact of the coronavirus has been on our business. As you know, March is typically our busiest month of the year. But this year, in just the first two weeks of March, we have welcomed more than one million fewer customers on board our aircraft than the same period last year. We’re also currently projecting that revenue in March will be $1.5 billion lower than last March.

The bad news is that it’s getting worse. We expect both the number of customers and revenue to decline sharply in the days and weeks ahead.

Since late January, we have taken steps to aggressively manage this crisis and to keep you informed every step of the way – sharply reducing schedules, imposing a hiring freeze, introducing a voluntary leave program, dramatically reducing discretionary spending, cutting CEO base salary 100% and deferring a salary increase. Our competitors have started to follow suit: on Friday, Delta announced a 40% schedule reduction and a 100% salary cut for their CEO and over the weekend, American said it will reduce its international capacity by 75%.

We took early, aggressive action because we have been determined to do everything possible to avoid painful steps that affect your paycheck. But, based on the severity of the situation, that no longer appears realistic.

This weekend, we began conversations with our union leadership about how to reduce our payroll expense in a way that minimizes what we know will be painful for all of us. Earlier this evening, we convened a call with Corporate Officers to update them on the severity of the situation and let them know we will be cutting their salary by 50%.

Let us be clear: these are not the only next steps. Tomorrow, we will announce an approximately 50% cut in capacity for April and May. We also now expect these deep cuts to extend into the summer travel period. Even with those cuts, we’re expecting load factors to drop into the 20-30% range — and that’s if things don’t get worse.

Together, we’re facing an unprecedented challenge. When medical experts say that our health and safety depends on people staying home and practicing social distancing, it’s nearly impossible to run a business whose shared purpose is “Connecting people. Uniting the world.”

We both hate to have to write a note like this, but we have made a commitment to be honest and transparent with you. While it’s now clear that this is going to painful for our people, we promise that you are at the very top of our priority list. We are working night and day on support and ideas to keep as much pay as we possibly can flowing to you — even if gets worse from here and demand temporarily plummets to zero.

This crisis is moving really quickly. It’s having an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, and it may feel to you like everything is changing. But, the most important thing about our business hasn’t changed: you’ve shown us that even in these difficult times, we’re still United and focused on caring for our customers and each other together. That’s always been the essential ingredient to our success. It’s what will get us through this crisis in the near term, and it’s also what will allow us to fulfill United’s incredible potential in the long-term.

We’ll continue to communicate frequently and transparently in the days ahead.

With resolve,

Oscar and Scott


Hade en direktflight ARN - ORD 19 mars, fick notis inatt om att den var inställd.
Idag blinkar det till i appen att min bokning är bekräftad, ombokad till ARN-CPH --> CPH-ORD.
Kan inte göra någon ändring i appen eller på hemsidan, har tänkt ligga lågt men nu verkar det som jag måste belasta och ringa SAS? :)
Någon annan som fått knasiga ombokningar ändrade rutter i närtid?