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Find Cheap Business Class Flights to the Philipines 

Looking for the most affordable way to travel in luxury? Your search ends here with, where we've streamlined the process of finding and booking cheap business class flights to the captivating Philippines. Your dream of a lavish journey is just a few clicks away!

Whether your expedition is for business engagements or leisurely escapes, we present unbeatable deals partnering with renowned airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates Airlines.


Tips fo finding affordable Business Class Tickets to the Philippines

Hunting down the finest business class deals and offers to the Philippines might seem daunting, but fear not! Our experts have crafted these strategies to simplify the process:

  • Subscribe to our Newsletter: Unearth exclusive deals by becoming a insider. Our newsletter brings you coveted offers on business class flights to the Philippines, ensuring you're at the forefront of savings.
  • Leverage Our cutting-edge flight search engine empowers you to compare prices across a spectrum of airlines, guaranteeing you the optimal package for your journey to the Philippines. Customize your search using filters like airline preference, budget, travel duration, and more.
  • Early Booking Advantage: Secure unbeatable rates for your business class flight to the Philippines by reserving your spot at least 8 weeks ahead of your intended departure date.
  • Flexibility with Travel Dates: Opt for mid-week travel, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to unveil potential savings on your Philippine-bound journey.
  • Explore Connecting Flights: Delve into the realm of connecting flights, as they often present a more cost-effective route compared to non-stop alternatives.
  • Exclusive Airport Lounges: When you embark on a Business Class voyage to the Philippines, you gain access to the elite lounges located within the terminals at renowned airports like Heathrow, offering an exclusive pre-flight oasis.
  • Opting for a Business Class journey to the Philippines translates to time and hassle savings, as Business Class passengers relish dedicated check-in lines at most departure airports. Moreover, an added advantage is the generous baggage allowances granted to Business Class travellers across most airlines, leading to swifter navigation at the luggage carousel.
  • Travellers selecting Business Class flights to the Philippines are afforded the privilege of reserving specific seats aboard the aircraft. This entails the freedom to opt for either an aisle or window seat, along with the delight of selecting which side of the aircraft offers preferred views—a chance to catch sight of iconic landmarks or avoid direct sunlight, for instance.
  • Business Class flights to the Philippines embody personalised options and bespoke care. A prime example is the provision of tailored menu dining and dedicated cabin crew members catering exclusively to Business Class passengers. These meticulous touches combine to ensure an indelible and truly exceptional experience.
  • A Business Class flight from London to the Philippines will take approximately 16 hours and 5 minutes. It's worth considering airlines like Turkish Airlines that offer fully reclining seats, prioritizing comfort throughout this extensive journey.
  • Embrace seamless connectivity on numerous Business Class flights to the Philippines, allowing you to work, engage with friends, and leisurely browse the internet. Airlines such as Qatar Airways deliver commendable Wi-Fi packages, ensuring uninterrupted digital connectivity.
  • Even before setting foot on the aircraft, the merits of Business Class flights to the Philippines become apparent. Armed with a pre-reserved seat, flexible ticketing, and the privilege of priority check-in and boarding, you'll be enveloped in five-star treatment from start to finish.


Most Reliable Airlines Flying Business Class to the Philippines

When it comes to reliability in business class flights to the Philippines, let's turn to the numbers. Based on recent data, airlines like Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific have consistently demonstrated remarkable performance in terms of on-time arrivals and minimal cancellation rates.


Qatar Airways boasts an impressive on-time arrival rate of around 85%, making it a standout choice for dependable travel to the Philippines. Similarly, Singapore Airlines upholds an on-time arrival rate of approximately 87%, reflecting their commitment to punctuality.


Cathay Pacific has shown a cancellation rate of less than 1%, further reinforcing its reputation as a trustworthy option for your journey to the Philippines.

FAQs - Booking  Philippines  Business Class  Flights

Airlines renowned for luxurious Business Class amenities on flights to the Philippines include Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. Qatar Airways offers the renowned "Qsuite" with customizable seating arrangements, ensuring a lavish and comfortable journey. Singapore Airlines provides the "SilverKris Business Class," known for its premium services and luxurious features.
Qatar Airways stands as one of the most favoured choices for Business Class flights to the Philippines. With its exceptional service, extensive route network, and luxurious amenities, Qatar Airways has gained popularity among travellers seeking a premium travel experience to Philippine destinations.
Philippine Airlines is known for delivering an exceptional lounge experience for Business Class flights to the Philippines. The "Mabuhay Lounge" at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport offers premium amenities, comfortable spaces, and a selection of Philippine cuisines to enhance the pre-flight experience.
Singapore Airlines is renowned for offering some of the most comfortable flatbeds for Business Class flights to the Philippines. Their "SilverKris Business Class" features spacious seating that converts into a fully flatbed, ensuring a restful journey to Philippine destinations.
Yes, Business Class passengers flying to the Philippines often enjoy access to dedicated lounges. For instance, Philippine Airlines' "Mabuhay Lounge" at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport provides exclusive amenities, comfortable seating, and a serene environment to enhance the pre-flight experience for Business Class travellers heading to the Philippines.
Airlines that provide fully flat bed seats on Business Class flights to the Philippines include Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. These airlines offer the comfort of fully reclining beds, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating journey to Philippine destinations.
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