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Qatar Airways launches expedition cruises

21. December 2020

by Dag Christian Holm

Discover Qatar, a subsidiary of Qatar Airways, launches exclusive expedition cruises in the Persian Gulf next year. Passengers will have the opportunity to meet the famous whale sharks up close and experience an extraordinary cruise.
Discover Qatar has partnered with the renowned French cruise operator PONANT, which is responsible for the nine-day cruise. Once onboard, passengers can enjoy luxurious cabins, and gourmet meals served in one of the ship's two restaurants - or the passengers own private cabin.

Cabins with a view.

In addition to relaxing days on the ship, passengers can also participate in unique activities, such as snorkelling in the gorgeous coral reefs, explore the mangrove forest - and if you are lucky, see the over 20-ton whale shark. This shark, also called the friendly giant, is harmless to humans. It can become up to 100-year old and certainly raises some eyebrows with its up to 15 meters long body.

The whale shark is an impressive view.

A team of expert guides and marine biologists will be present onboard to tell guests in detail about life in the sea and along the coast. For those that desire calmer days, the sun deck with its comfortable sun loungers, a visit to the ship's very own "infinity" pool or the spa on the top deck may be tempting.

A spa with a view.

One of the many highlights is the multi-sensory futuristic lounge, which is below the waterline. Here you can relax with drinking your delicious cocktail while watching the marine life through the large, oval observation windows.

Magnificent views.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said earlier in a press release that he is looking forward to showcasing the country's unique marine nature to the public.
The ship itself, La Champlain, has 92 cabins and suites with all the comforts once can imaginable. Including, a 24-hour butler service that will meet passenger's wishes. The cruise season is scheduled to start in March 2021, and prices are from approx. £4.100 per person.

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