Special Offer: Lufthansa and SWISS companion fares make a return

5. Feb 2021
by henrik.hanevold

Lufthansa and SWISS are once again offering great fares for two or more people travelling together. Business Class is available from SEK 

9 999 and First Class from SEK 17 999 to popular destinations such as Dubai, Bangkok, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro.

Vaccines are being rolled out. As the world starts travelling again, the Lufthansa and SWISS campaigns offer a great opportunity to plan ahead. The companion fares are available for booking until 14th February, with travel dates extending until 10th December, 2021. This is the perfect opportunity to impress your loved one with a luxury-holiday surprise on Valentine´s Day! The offer is bookable only when two adults travel together on the same outbound and return flights. There is no minimum stay requirement, but the maximum stay is three months. Availability in Business Class is quite generous, while First Class tends to fill up more quickly due to the limited number of seats. Fare examples per person:

- Hong Kong from SEK 22 999 - Singapore from SEK 22 999 - Johannesburg from SEK 23 999 - Shanghai from SEK 24 999

See more destinations and book directly from Lufthansa

Read more about Lufthansa First Class

SWISS First Class

- Dubai from SEK 17 999 - Shanghai from SEK 19 999 - Bangkok from SEK 20 499

- Hong Kong from SEK 20 499

- Singapore from SEK 22 999



Lufthansa Business Class

- Dubai from SEK 9 999 - Singapore from SEK 10 999 - Bangkok from SEK 11 999 - Shanghai from SEK 11 999 - Hong Kong from SEK 13 999 - Rio de Janeiro from SEK 14 999

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