Sweden’s new floating luxury hotel in Lapland — Arctic Bath

2. Jun 2020
by Dag Christian Holm

The design hotel Arctic Bath opened earlier this year. Inspired by the success story of Treehotel, its hotel concept seems to be successful.

Arctic Bath has already received a great deal of international attention!


The hotel is situated in Harads, in the heart of Swedish Lapland. Approximately 49 km from Boden and 90 km from Luleå. Arctic Bath consists of 14 independent buildings in wood and includes a restaurant, bar, spa with sauna, cold bath, and a treatment room.

Arctic Bath stands as a monument to the importance of forests for Sweden’s development, inspired by the old tradition of transporting timber on the river. The unique circular shape of the main building protects sun worshipers and winter bathers.

The 12 design rooms, located either on the beach or floating in the river, exude Scandinavian luxury and simplicity. All rooms offer incredible views over nature and the midnight sun or the northern light, depending on the season.

Locally produced ingredients and sustainable products mark the restaurant’s food. The restaurant offers a 5-course dinner – with signature rights such as Sami Gahku (Sami flatbread) from the Sami kitchen -. While the bar offers a variety of beer and wine from micro-breweries, as well as healthy smoothies.

Arctic Bath focuses on wellness, and the spa uses «Kerstin Florian» products. Guests can book multiple-day treatments. Besides, adventurous activities are offered to guests – ranging from genuine Sami experiences and nature walks to moose safaris and dog sledding – depending on the season.

BusinessClass appreciates when unique luxury hotels open. Like others in the industry, Arctic Bath has been affected by the downturn in the tourism industry. We hope, of course, that this article will inspire our readers to visit this spectacular hotel soon.