Make the most out of your hotel stay

19. Jun 2020
by Dag Christian Holm

We all have our own ideas on how to get a complimentary room upgrade or a late check-out. In this article, BusinessClass shares insider tips and strategies that will increase your chance.

Membership in hotel loyalty programmes often generates complimentary upgrades and other perks. But what can you do if you are statusless?

Select the perfect date

Hotel prices are dynamic. Be patient, book hotels approximately a month in advance, sometimes even closer to your arrival date. As hotels, for instance, can receive late group bookings cancellations. Increase the hotel availability by searching for two or more consecutive nights, because hotels impose restrictions based on the length of your stay. According to the travel search engine, Kayak, the cheapest dates for check-in is Sundays, and check-out is Fridays.

One strategy we recommend is:

  1. Book a refundable hotel reservation on the same day you book your flight.

  2. Search for hotel prices again via our search engine closer to your arrival date.

  3. Cancel your first hotel reservation if the price is lower.

Strategies for upgrades

Hotels regularly overbook their standard rooms and have to upgrade guests. Staying multiple consecutive nights decreases your chance because hotels favor upgrading several guests with shorter stays. Arrive late evening – as by then, the hotel has already occupied the lower room categories with guests. And ask! Note a reservation request, and write how excited you are about the stay. Still a no? Bargain the upgrade price at the hotel, as receptionists have personal upselling targets.

Late Check-Out

Ask for a late check out the day before check-out. Sundays are often granted because hotels have less arrival on that day. Do not exaggerate, 1-2 hours is usually acceptable. Even after check-out, most hotels offer their guests free access to the hotel’s facilities, such as the spa- and wellness areas.

Do you have any tips you would like to share? Please leave a comment below.  

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