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Singapore Airlines Business Class expert review by Ramsey Qubein
A must-do experience on any travel lovers bucket list
Airport Experience - 9/10
Cabin & Seat - 9/10
Cuisine - 10/10
Beverages - 10/10
Service - 10/10
Entertainment - 10/10
Amenities & Facilities - 9/10
Short & Medium Haul - 10/10

Review of Singapore Airlines Business Class

Few airlines around the world enjoy the same coveted and excellent reputation as Singapore Airlines. Renowned for incredible hospitality, refined service and the epitome of style, Singapore Airlines inflight service is second to none. It is the kind of experience that will leave you wondering why more airlines cannot be as good. For many years the airline's advertising included the tagline “Service even other airlines talk about”, and indeed Singapore Airlines remains one of a handful of airlines that continues to raise the bar and set industry standards.

With a network that spans continents and offers a significant number of connecting itineraries between North America or Europe and much of Asia and Australia or New Zealand, travellers often go out of their way to fly with Singapore Airlines. 

Singapore Airlines is part of Star Alliance, which gives its loyalty program members the opportunity to earn or redeem miles with partner airlines including United, Lufthansa, Swiss International, TAP Air Portugal and EVA Air. Passengers can seamlessly connect between member airlines on the same itinerary. Its KrisFlyer program is a great option for collecting miles if you are not already a member with another Star Alliance program.

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9/ 10

Airport experience

If you start your journey in Singapore, there are premium check-in areas at the award-winning Changi Airport. You will want to get to the airport early to experience the great shopping and amenities that include a cinema, a multitude of themed gardens and a rooftop swimming pool – all available to passengers. 

One thing that can slow travellers down in Singapore is that security control is conducted at the gate. It is wise to get to the gate a bit earlier than you might at other airports. Fast-track security is available only at some gates.

Singapore Airlines operates seven lounges at Changi Airport, with Terminal 2 and 3 each featuring dedicated SilverKris Business Class lounges. Star Alliance Gold members may also access KrisFlyer Gold lounges in each of the two terminals, although the SilverKris Business Class lounges are recommended due to their superior offerings. A major refurbishment program is currently well underway, which will see all lounges revamped to feature new designs and refreshed facilities. 

SilverKris Business Class lounges come with an open bar of wine, beer, cocktails and Champagne plus a hot and cold buffet of tasty international fare. Local specialities such as a bowl of Singapore laksa is available from live cooking stations. Shower facilities, free Wi-Fi, a business centre, a large selection of periodicals and plenty of power outlets are some of the pre-flight niceties to enjoy. 

In addition to the lounges at its Singapore hub, Singapore Airlines also operates its own lounges in ten other cities, including London, Sydney and Bangkok. Almost all Singapore Airlines lounges offer special treats like ice cream, which is a favorite for younger fliers.

When flying from a Singapore Airlines destination that does not have its own lounge, Business Class passengers can access other premium lounges, often belonging to other Star Alliance members. When boarding, Business Class passengers enjoy priority boarding.

9/ 10

Cabin & Seat

Unlike most other airlines, Singapore Airlines commissions uniquely designed Business Class seats for its long-haul aircraft - no other airline offers the same seats. The current long-haul fleet features two different seat designs, one on the A350-900 and B777-300ER and another on the A380. All Business Class seats come in tones of grey leather, with the A380 featuring hand stitched full grain leather by Poltrona Frau. 

Seats on the long-haul A350-900 and B777-300ER are some of the widest in the sky at nearly six feet and four inches (195 cm) long and 28 inches (71 centimetres) wide. They are so spacious that a parent travelling with a small child can easily seat the child next to the adult. Seats come with power outlets, storage areas and a large high-resolution entertainment screen as standard. Their biggest criticism, however, is that they only recline to a relaxed position. To put them in fully flat, bed mode, you must stand up and exit the seat in order to physically rework the seat (essentially flipping it over) to become flat. Flight attendants help passengers who need help with this. The benefit of flipping the seat over is that it reveals a better sleeping surface including a mattress topper. In bed mode, it is among the widest beds in the sky, but you will have to turn your body slightly in an angle so that your feet go into the small foot cubby that is only on one side of the seat. It takes some getting used to, but definitely has its fans among frequent fliers. 

The behemoth Airbus A380 features an entirely new seat that transforms into a flatbed without the need to stand up. The drawback is that the new seat is narrower, but still comfortable at a width of 25 inches (63,5 centimetres). A unique feature of the new A380 seats is that the centre seats feature a central partition that can be fully lowered to form a double bed. The partition can also be fully raised to provide privacy if required. 

Irrespective of seat type, wide side tables and tray tables that fold out easily are great for dining and working. There are also a sealed pillow and blanket plus noise-cancelling headsets provisioned on board for every seat. Each aircraft has Business Class cabins that vary in size. If you want the quietest experience, choose a section of seats with only a few rows. Take note of the placement of bassinet seats, however, as sometimes families with infants are seated in these smaller cabins.

There is no charge to select a seat in advance. All Singapore Airlines Business Class seats are exceptionally comfortable, but bulkhead seats are significantly more spacious due to their design which offers wider leg space. Bulkhead seats are not easily available due to their popularity, but passengers lucky enough to be assigned one enjoy space and comfort that matches First Class on other airlines.

The flight search on includes images, videos and seat maps for most airlines and aircraft. Search results also include details such as seat pitch, width and recline. This way you can see the seat and cabin configuration of the flight in which you are interested, before making your choice.

10/ 10


Singapore Airlines is renowned for its service and inflight catering, which often varies based on the destination. An international culinary panel of celebrity chefs from around the world provide guidance and recipes to the airline’s inflight menus.

Since late 2020, Singapore Airlines no longer distributes printed menus in any cabin class. While it may not be to everyone's liking, the digital initiative makes sense from a sustainability perspective. Digital menus and wine lists are now made available eight days before departure using the Singapore Airlines Digital Menu System and on the inflight entertainment system.

In addition to the onboard menu, Singapore Airlines also offers the popular Book the Cook concept, allowing passengers to pre-order their main dishes from an expanded menu. The service is available on most flights departing from Singapore and also on flights departing from more than 30 other airports, with the exact menu depending on cabin class and departure airport. The undisputed signature dish is Lobster Thermidor, although the menu includes a wide choice of cuisines including Singaporean, Western, Indian. Malay, Thai dishes, as well as healthy options branded as Deliciously Wholesome. A dedicated YUMMY! menu is available for children.

On many long-haul flights, lunch or dinner is preluded by drinks and satay service, a signature of the Singapore Airlines dining experience. Chicken and lamb skewers with peanut sauce and condiments are offered from a display trolley. Adding to the authenticity of the service, the satay skewers are charcoal grilled in Singapore and loaded onboard the aircraft along with the peanut sauce even for flights returning from outstations back to Singapore.

Following the streetfood-inspired satay service, tables are meticulously set with Narumi tableware, silverware, salt and pepper shakers and water glasses atop white starched linen tablecloths, always in precisely the same way. Trays are not used on long-haul flights.

Following the aperitif and satay service, an appetizer is served with warm bread. Don’t miss the airline’s famous garlic bread that is especially popular. The main dish is plated in the galley with great precision and attention to detail. Following the main event, dessert includes sweet pastries or cakes, ice cream and fruit as well as a selection of cheese. Singapore Airlines sources as much of its catering as possible from local producers under a “farm to plane” initiative.

On late-night departures, the meal service is abbreviated with fewer options in favor of more sleeping time. Meals are served at pre-determined times, which may interrupt sleep, especially on ultra-long flights. It can be hard for passengers to predict when meals will be served as it’s not consistently right after takeoff and prior to landing like with most carriers. Luckily, flight attendants are always happy to oblige special requests.

Pre-arrival meals vary based on the flight and can include a more traditional breakfast offering as well as heartier lunch or dinner selections. Special meals for dietary and religious requirements are always on offer.

Midflight snacks are available on request from a menu or a selection of items available in the galley. As with all things related to Singapore Airlines, the cabin crew will go out of their way to take care of passengers as best that they can. It is the airline’s standard and always-impressive approach.

Singapore Airlines offers complimentary birthday cakes, honeymoon cakes and anniversary cakes, a service very few airlines offer. Cakes come with a card signed by the crew and have to be requested minimum 24 hours in advance.

Insider tip: Singapore Airlines offers excellent noodle dishes from its Delectables midlflight menu - a treat for any noodle lover which may even be ordered in lieu of one of the regular main dishes for a meal.

10/ 10


No long-haul flight takes off without the offer of a welcome drink - usually a choice between Champagne, orange juice or water.  

Singapore Airlines offers a vast wine and beverage list capped off with Laurent Perrier Brut La Cuvée Champagne. In addition to Champagne, there are typically two white wines, two red wines, and a Port. The selection of wines tends to be a combination of old and new world. Australia and New Zealand are key destinations in the carrier's network, and wines from there are almost always included.

Singapore Sling is a passenger favourite from the cocktail list, but a recommendation is the SilverKris Sling. Concocted from orange juice, pineapple juice, gin, Grand Mariner and topped with Champagne, it serves as a more refreshing alternative. The SilverKris Sling is not always listed, but the cabin crew is happy to create it even if ordered off-menu. The airline also offers a range of Mocktails.

In addition, there is an international selection of beers plus soft drinks and juices. The orange juice is as freshly squeezed as it gets for airline catering.

Following the main meal, coffee and tea along with pralines are served as the grand finale. Singapore Airlines offer an impressive selection of 16 different teas, including nine from the TWG Tea Selection. Gourmet coffee by Illy includes 12 different choices, from single-origin Arabica to classic roasts and speciality coffees such as cappucino or Café Royal. All tea and coffee can be ordered hot or with ice.

The flight search on includes information on which Champagne is served in Business Class and First Class on many airlines. We do our best to keep track of any changes, but feel free to let us know if there is something we missed. 

10/ 10


Female flight attendants don beautiful, colourful and tailored sarong kebaya uniforms with the colour depending on their seniority. Male crew wear colour coded ties to indicate their seniority. Anyone who has seen Singapore Airlines cabin crew walking through an airport can testify to the head turning effect they have worldwide. Originally designed by Pierre Balmain back in 1968, the female uniform design has remained largely untouched ever since. The Singapore Girl is consistently featured in the airline's marketing and is one of the most recognisable brand ambassadors anywhere in the world. 

No matter how many years they have been flying with the carrier, Singapore Airlines cabin crew are among the most attentive flying the skies today, and they do their best to memorise passenger names and provide hospitable and genuine service from takeoff to touchdown. The airline operates a number of ultra-long flights, and the ability to maintain the highest of service standards and a flawless appearance even after fourteen plus hours in the air is formidable to anyone who has ever experienced such a long flight.

10/ 10


Excellent noise-cancelling headphones plug into seat-power outlets so that passengers can enjoy solid sound quality via the wide entertainment screens. High-resolution programs include everything from Hollywood and Bollywood movies to short subject features including comedies and documentaries. It is all part of KrisWorld as the airline brands its over-the-top selection of nearly 1,000 options.

The Singapore Airlines app allows passengers to connect their personal devices with the inflight entertainment system even before boarding. It is then possible to control KrisWorld content, browse content offerings and bookmark content to continue watching something after having left off earlier.

Families can take advantage of children’s shows and cartoons. If you like to watch multiple episodes of the same sitcom or drama program, Singapore’s entertainment system often carries box sets of shows.

The airline’s inflight magazine, SilverKris, is available in the seat pocket. Wi-Fi is available aboard the majority of the airline’s aircraft. Business Class passengers receive 100MB complimentary data use. After that, paid options are available based on the amount of data used.

Singapore Airlines maintains a unique sound identity, which was refreshed in early 2021. Known collectively as The Sound of Singapore Airlines, there are three 10-minute instrumental tracks entitled ‘Landing Music’, ‘Boarding Music’ and ‘Lounge Music.’

The flight search on includes information on inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi.

9/ 10

Amenities & Facilities

For many years, Singapore Airlines was one of very few airlines not to offer an amenity kit in Business Class, citing environmental concerns over excessive waste. While items usually found in an amenity kit were all available onboard, there was no actual amenity kit distributed to each passenger. This finally changed in late 2020, when an exclusive citrus-based Quercus amenity kit from Penhaligon's was introduced. Contents include hand lotion, facial mist and lip balm. Other items such as dental kits, razor kits and combs remain available from the lavatories. Socks, eye masks and slippers are placed at each seat before boarding. While a standard size of slippers is distributed, a larger size is available on request.

Hot towels are distributed before departure and several times during the flight, usually as a pre- and post-meal service offering. Singapore Airlines cabins have a unique scent thanks to the airline using its own fragrance known as Florida Water. It is infused in the hot towels during the heating process and was first created back in the 1990s.

On widebody aircraft, those traveling with infants can pre-reserve a bassinet to use at selected bulkhead seats. Singapore Airlines allows the use of bassinets for infants with a weight of maximum 14 kilograms up until the age of 2, which is more generous than most airlines. Children are well looked after by the cabin crew with toys and other small amenities, including teddy bears. The teddy bears come in couples and a new pair is introduced every 6 months. While meant for children, the teddy bears have unintentionally also become collector’s items for adults and are available on request.

10/ 10

Short & Medium Haul

Singapore Airlines considers all flights under 6 hours regional, which has an impact on the type of aircraft used, cabin configurations as well as certain aspects of the inflight service which is somewhat simplified.

While some regional routes are operated by aircraft normally used on long-haul flights, most are flown with a dedicated regional fleet. The airline uses a mix of aircraft that feature traditional recliner-style seats on single-aisle Boeing 737 aircraft in a 2-2 configuration and lie-flat seat on its Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner planes in a 1-2-1 setup. The latter seats are specific to these planes used on regional flights, and are narrower than the seats used on long-haul flights. Singapore Airlines has announced plans to install flat-bed seats also on the Boeing 737 fleet.

Depending on the length of flight, beverages and meals are also available from the digital menu outlining the many details. Even on relatively short sectors, the Book the Cook pre-order menu is available. Beverage service on regional flights is largely similar to what is offered on long-haul flights.


Recycling, efficient flight operations and a commitment from management are all part and parcel of Singapore Airlines’ focus on sustainability. This includes a goal to cut carbon emissions in half by 2050. Newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft are helping that goal, and the airline is strongly involved in the Asia and Pacific Initiative to Reduce Emissions (ASPIRE) programme. A carbon offset scheme is available for passengers interested in offsetting the carbon emissions from their flights.

Singapore Airlines has installed solar panels on all of its office buildings in Singapore which provides enough power to supply 18% of its electricity needs. Since 2010, the airline has been a partner of the Hutan Harapan Initiative, an ecosystem restoration project that covers nearly 100,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The flight search on includes information on CO2 emissions for each flight. Our quality algorithms also give a higher score to flights operated by the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft.

What We Love

  • Singapore Airlines’ inflight service is unrivalled and is a hallmark of flying this global airline.
  • The uniquely designed seats that are some of the most spacious and comfortable in Business Class on any airline.
  • The Book the Cook service that allows you to try a range of international cuisines including delectable dishes like Lobster Thermidor and Filet Mignon. searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find the best premium travel offers for both flights and the finest hotels. Find the best price for Singapore Airlines Business Class by making a search on

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