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Review of Royal Air Maroc Business Class review by Ramsey Qubein

Royal Air Maroc - often referred to as RAM - is the national airline of Morocco. Royal Air Maroc is one of the larger carriers connecting the Americas and Europe with the northwest and western parts of Africa. Its recently updated fleet of Boeing Dreamliner 787 aircraft serves long-haul routes while its Boeing 737 and Embraer 190 aircraft cover regional flying. While not the most polished of airlines, Business Class flights on Royal Air Maroc offer traditional Moroccan hospitality and friendly service.

As a member of the oneworld alliance, Royal Air Maroc fliers can earn and redeem miles on member carriers including American, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Qantas, Qatar and Royal Jordanian. Elite members in any oneworld carrier frequent flier program enjoy reciprocal benefits including lounge access and priority boarding, even when flying in economy.

For a touch of Morocco, even when transiting between two other countries, RAM delivers a worthy regional experience despite a few expected bumps along the way for a smaller airline.

Airport experience


Priority check-in and security lines are available in many airports for Business Class fliers, and this includes those starting their journey in the airline’s main hub of Casablanca. RAM passengers departing Morocco on international flights from Casablanca have access to a remodelled Business Class lounge with bar service, hot and cold buffet food, and plenty of seating with multiple power outlets.

While Casablanca’s new terminal is attractive and airy, those transferring from international to domestic flights are in for a less than stellar experience.

The domestic terminal consists of a large room with limited seating, few dining options, no premium lounge (even for Business Class passengers on domestic flights) and no currency exchange booth. This means that despite a pleasant experience with RAM on international flights, the domestic portion of the transfer experience will be a disappointment.

Cabin & Seat


RAM’s 787 planes come in two very different configurations: 2-2-2 (787-8 aircraft) or 1-2-1 (787-9 aircraft). The latter is the preferred option since all passengers have direct aisle access as part of the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seats, which are in a reverse herringbone configuration. Overall, the design of the Royal Air Maroc 26-seat 787-9 Business Class cabin represents a significant improvement over the 18-seat cabin of the 787-8. The former features a rather strange setup that confines window seat passengers to their seat when the aisle passenger is reclined. The unique design of the seats on the Boeing 787-8s results in neighbouring passengers essentially sleeping at different heights. While all long-haul Business Class seats recline to a fully flat bed, the seat is such that it is hard to step over a reclined aisle passenger. 

Despite this quirk, the flat beds are comfortable with ample storage space and easy-to-use electronic controls. The design of the cabin showcases Arabic influence and a soft color palette that is welcoming and attractive. In the center section of seats, those not traveling together can draw down a small partition to allow for more privacy between seats although this is no substitution for the premium solo aisle seats.

Seats have hard-shell exteriors giving passengers more space since the seat in front of you does not recline into your area. Adjustable reading lights are helpful on long flights, but individual air nozzles are missing meaning the cabin can get quite warm.

Like other Boeing 787 aircraft, windows have dimmer switches rather than traditional shades, which means you can darken the light flow while still being able to look out. The crew has the capability to lock them entirely essentially making them opaque and giving window seat fliers no control over the view. Ask to have it unlocked if you prefer to look out.

Large tables fold out for dining or work purposes giving plenty of work space. When not using the tray table, the central console between or next to seats offers space for a drink or small items. Power and USB outlets are at each seat.

The airline does not charge for seat assignments in Business Class, but window seats in rows five and six aboard the 787-9 have misaligned or missing windows. If you want to enjoy the view, avoid these seats altogether.

The flight search on includes images, videos and seat maps for most airlines and aircraft search results also include details such as seat pitch, width and recline. This way you can see the seat and cabin configuration of the flight in which you are interested, before making your choice.



RAM delivers an impressive meal service from two-tiered carts that displays many of the service items to passengers before they select. Even though printed menus explain what is being served, this is such a nice concept. Hot towels get the service started, and soon the trolley arrives with drinks and spirits presented in elegant fashion. Mixed nuts accompany the aperitif before flight attendants arrive with linens for the table.

This is followed by a tray setup from the flight attendant that has the starter, bread plate, salad and condiments. Next up is a trolley with ceramic dishes showcasing the multiple options, which are typically a meat, poultry or seafood, and vegetarian pasta. The ability to read about the meal service as well as see what it looks like before choosing is a lovely touch.

It would be a credit to RAM if Moroccan dishes were on offer, but the international selection is more than acceptable. A basket of warm bread accompanies the main dish with top-ups of drinks and bread regularly available.

There is no dine on demand service, but ask the crew if you want them to save your meal until later in the flight. It is important to note that the service can seem quite extensive given the way it is presented, but late-night flights do offer an expedited service so that people can go right to sleep.

After the main meal, a dessert trolley is wheeled around offering a sweet option or fruit and cheese. Another trolley delivers whole fruit from a basket. You will not go hungry on a RAM flight.

Pre-arrival meals are served one & a half hours before landing with the options depending on the time of day.

The airline has a range of special meals including Muslim, Kosher and Asian vegetarian options, which must be reserved in advance.



During boarding, a tray of water and juice is passed through the cabin, and all passengers receive a bottle of water.

Printed menus outline what is available on the drinks menu, but the crew shows what is available during the service on the cart. It is worth trying some of the Moroccan wine as bottles are available on every flight and a pleasant way to get to know the region, even if just transiting the country. There is an element of pride from crew when people enjoy the local wine, and the bottle is presented along with the glass on a silver tray when serving - and even when offering refills. A Moroccan beer is also on the menu.

Unfortunately, the wine and beverage glasses are laughably small for a Business Class cabin. Each glass only holds a few sips, which for those that want to stay hydrated with water or juice proves frustrating.

A variety of spirits including Gordons Gin, Smirnoff Vodka and Johnny Walker Black Label is on offer. The Champagne on offer varies, but it is often Laurent-Perrier Brut Rosé. Soft drinks and juice are always available.

After the main meal, a trolley of after-dinner drinks and cordials is a lovely way to complete the service. Do not miss the Moroccan mint or verbena tea that is poured from elegant decanters and is enjoyed with or without sugar.

The flight search on includes information on which Champagne is served in Business Class and First Class on many airlines. We do our best to keep track of any changes, but feel free to let us know if there is something we missed. 



The crew may seem distant, but if you engage with them, they are friendly. While not polished, the service is rooted in hospitality. Flight attendants do not pass through the cabin frequently, but they are quick to respond to call buttons.



Basic noise-reducing headphones are available at each seat so that people can enjoy the touch-screen entertainment system. A decent selection of Hollywood films and sitcoms is available, but it hardly matches the larger libraries of other airlines. The moving map display and international selection of music provide further diversion if you don’t find something that appeals to you.

Wi-Fi is not available on RAM aircraft.

The flight search on includes information on WiFi and inflight entertainment.

Amenities & Facilities


Royal Air Maroc branded amenity kits come well stocked and include face cream, lip balm, argan oil hand cream and orange blossom facial mist. The products are exclusively designed for the airline by French cosmetics brand Pier Augé. Contents also include toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, night mask, socks, shoe horn, earplugs, folding brush/comb, refreshing towel, “Do Not Disturb / Wake me Up” stickers and a scented welcome card. The tangy and fresh fragrance with an aroma of orange and argan oil was specially developed for RAM to reflect Moroccan culture. Business Class passengers are also offered high quality slippers in the signature red branding of the airline.

The pillow and blanket at each seat are soft and cosy, and lavatories feature fresh rose arrangements.  The airline does miss an important facility -  the lack of mid-flight refreshments in the galley. Since the crew is not proactive in the cabin, it would be prudent if passengers could help themselves to snacks and drinks during the flight.

Short & Medium Haul


On shorter international flights within Africa or between Morocco and Europe, RAM beats the competition hands-down. It offers a 2-2 configuration on its Boeing 737 with recliner seats. The Embraer 190 planes have a 1-2 configuration. Non-alcoholic welcome drinks are served from a silver tray, and inflight meals are presented in the same fashion as long-haul flights using a two-tier trolley with impressive selection. This includes the after-dinner dessert trolley, cordial service, fruit basket and Moroccan tea. Laurent-Perrier Champagne is also served on shorter international flights.

When other airlines offer a one-tray service on flights of this length, RAM truly wins over customers with this presentation. Unfortunately, its domestic flights are a complete letdown for Business Class passengers. These flights do offer a predeparture, non-alcoholic drink from a silver tray and larger seat, but there is otherwise limited inflight service on domestic flights in Business Class.


The airline is making a concerted effort to reduce its fuel use through more efficient flight planning and ground operations. Like other oneworld members, RAM is pledging to use 10% sustainable fuel by 2030.

In 2020, Royal Air Maroc committed to a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, supported by the implementation of SkyBreathe® 360° eco-flying software, to improve both economic and environmental performance.

The flight search on includes information on CO2 emissions for each flight. Our quality algorithms also give a higher score to flights operated by the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft.

What We Love

  • An elaborate meal service presented via display trolleys in the aisle
  • A unique route network connecting the Americas and Europe with northwestern Africa
  • The Moroccan mint or verbena tea that is poured from elegant decanters – superb! searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find the best premium travel offers for both flights and the finest hotels.

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