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Aeroflot Business Class expert review by Ramsey Qubein
A good flight you will enjoy and do again
Airport Experience - 7/10
Cabin & Seat - 7/10
Cuisine - 8/10
Beverages - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Entertainment - 7/10
Amenities & Facilities - 9/10
Short & Medium Haul - 10/10

Review of Aeroflot Business Class

Russia’s flag carrier has greatly improved over the years with an impressive Business Class designed to woo international travellers from around the world. Aeroflot has undergone a significant transformation adding Western-built Airbus and Boeing aircraft, upping its safety and service standards and developing a hub in Moscow that connects Europe with other continents.

Its Business Class seats, and smartly clad flight crew deliver a modern and service-oriented product with plenty of Russian flavour. The airline’s network covers an enormous number of European destinations as well as covering much of Asia and some North American destinations.

Aeroflot does not fly a First Class cabin so it relies on its Business Class service to sate its more discerning passengers. 

In addition to its expansive route map, SkyTeam-member Aeroflot also brings a lot of connection opportunities to passengers around the globe thanks to partnerships with Aeroméxico, Air France, Delta, Kenya Airways, KLM and Korean Air among others. Passengers can earn or redeem miles through the carrier’s Aeroflot Bonus program or via partner loyalty programs.

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7/ 10

Airport experience

Aeroflot’s main Moscow Sheremetyevo hub consists of numerous interconnecting terminals that have mostly been modernised and updated. While service is not a hallmark of the ground staff, Business Class passengers enjoy SkyPriority access to expedited check-in, security, and immigration lanes.

There are eight Aeroflot Business Class lounges available to passengers spread over five terminals. All have complimentary hot and cold food, open bars with beer and wine, and places to relax or shower. Arguably the best lounge is the Aeroflot “Moscow Lounge” in Terminal D. The lounge is spread over two floors with each containing a full range of lounge seating, food and beverage and washroom facilities while a gym, bar, private sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and quiet seating areas are included on the upper level. The Moscow Lounge does get rather busy at peak times so the St. Petersburg Lounge is an alternate – although marginally inferior – option.

For passengers starting their travel in Moscow, the airline puts a time limit on how long you can visit the lounge. Access is only provided within four hours of departure, and passengers can only visit one lounge. Transit passengers are exempt from this restriction. SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers can use the lounge even when travelling in economy. Like Business Class passengers, they can also take advantage of SkyPriority boarding lanes and priority check-in counters.ers.

7/ 10

Cabin & Seat

Business Class seats vary depending on the aircraft. Aeroflot is in the process of introducing two new products - one for the A350 and another for the Boeing 777, respectively. Our advice is to review the seat map while making a reservation - to choose your preferred seat. There is no charge to make a seat assignment for Business Class passengers.

The Airbus A330 and most of the Boeing 777 aircraft have comfortable seats that recline into a flat-bed position and are laid out in a 2-2-2 configuration. Not all seats have direct-aisle access, but each does have plentiful storage space and easy-access power outlets. 

The airline’s Airbus A350 planes have a 1-2-1 configuration - giving all passengers easy access to the aisle. These seats have partitions around them giving them maximum privacy, especially when reclined, and they feature doors that slide closed. Solo travellers will prefer one of the single “A” or “K” seats for maximum privacy while those travelling together should opt for the pairs of seats. These pairs of seats in the centre section have two side tables, while the solo seats have side tables alternating between being on the side of the window or the side of the aisle. 

Seat maps show which seats have a small table closer to the aisle for those that prefer to have a barrier between your seat and the aisle. Those with the table in the centre may find that the seat feels more exposed to the aisle - this makes it easier to get in and out though. Centre seats alternate from being separated by tables in the middle or closer to the aisle. Those with tables adjacent to the aisle mean the seats are very close to each other and are only recommended for couples. Luckily, privacy partitions are available. Each seat has a small wardrobe to hang a jacket or garment bag.

The Boeing 777 fleet is undergoing a refurbishment, with a new reverse herringbone seat with sliding doors replacing the current product. The new Business Class cabin on the Boeing 777 features 28 flat-bed seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. While structurally different, the colours and other design elements of the seats match the A350 Business Class and provide a similarly comfortable flight. Each seat comes with a large pillow and thick duvet for sleeping, 18.5-inch HD screen and electronic controls are easy to manage so the seat can recline into various positions. There is also a massage function on the seat controls. 

The flight search on includes images, videos and seat maps for most airlines and aircraft. Search results also include details such as seat pitch, width and recline. This way you can see the seat and cabin configuration of the flight in which you are interested, before making your choice.

8/ 10


An extensive menu awaits passengers travelling in Aeroflot’s Business Class, and meals are served directly on a linen-clad tray table as if it were a restaurant rather than an airplane seat. Trays are not used on long-haul flights, and many meals are served from multi-tiered aisle carts. 

Bread plates, silverware, salt and pepper shakers and water glasses are meticulously placed at each seat. Large tables fold out toward the seat, and after takeoff, the crew springs into action to serve meals on a set schedule - there is no dine-on-demand service with Aeroflot.  

Flight attendants offer passengers a beverage from the bar and a cocktail appetiser as meals are being warmed in the galley, and a hot towel helps everyone to get comfortable for the flight. This is followed by a starter, salad and soup, all of which are served individually in porcelain or glass dishes. There is no choice, but the quantity and presentation are restaurant-quality. Many of the meals are signature dishes of well-known Russian and international chefs.

Three main course options include beef, chicken and fish. Vegetarians or those with specific dietary needs should pre-order one of the many special meals to guarantee their selection. Warm rolls are served with each course. 

Dessert consists of cakes, ice creams and sometimes cheese. Cordials, coffee, tea and other after-dinner drinks round out the service. 

There is no formal snack menu between meals, but the crew has a snack basket of packaged crisps, sweets and fruit available at any time. Depending on the time of day, a hot pre-arrival meal is served about two hours before landing. 

Traditional Asian dishes are offered on flights to and from China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

On flights departing from Moscow, young Business Class passengers may pre-order dishes from a dedicated Business class children's menu.


8/ 10


As guests board, a warm towel and welcome water or Champagne are offered. Aeroflot typically serves Ayala Brut Majeur on its flights, and each glass is poured in front of the passenger. 

Printed menus outline what is available throughout the flight including Champagne, two white wines, two red wines and a dessert wine. There is a long list of cocktails using an impressive array of liqueurs and spirits plus a wide assortment of soft drinks and juices. Among the many beverage options are Delamain Cognac, Beefeater gin and Chivas Regal whisky. Of course, for a Russian airline, vodka service is presented in shot glasses and a popular choice for many passengers. Many may find that the airline’s wine glasses are on the small side for long-haul flights, but flight attendants are happy to offer regular refills. International beer selections are on the menu as well as tea and coffee. 

The flight search on includes information on which Champagne is served in Business Class and First Class on many airlines. We do our best to keep track of any changes, but feel free to let us know if there is something we missed. 

8/ 10


Aeroflot service is personable and attentive but is also relative to the Russian culture with more reserved interactions between passengers and crew. Still, they work hard to make sure everyone has a pleasant flight and are always available when needed, often using customer names with each interaction. Their formal uniforms are distinctive with female crew wearing orange hats and leather gloves during boarding; the male crew also wear caps during the boarding process.

7/ 10


Noise-reducing headphones plug into the side of the seat and a decent selection of movies and short subject programs are available. There is a good mix of English, Russian and other international options, but the entertainment system can be finicky so allow some time to select your preferred show. The new A350 aircraft have vastly improved entertainment systems that offer faster response times and more entertainment programming. There are touch-screen and remote control options to operate the system. A moving map display is also available. 

Wi-Fi is available with fees based on data usage.

The flight search on includes information on inflight entertainment and Wi-Fi.

9/ 10

Amenities & Facilities

Aeroflot branded amenity kits have a range of L'Occitane en Provence comfort products as well as eye shades and socks to use on the flight. A larger amenity kit is offered on flights over 6 hours, and a smaller version on flights lasting from 3 to 6 hours. On long-haul flights, each passenger receives a pair of slippers to wear during the flight. Additional toiletries are available in the washrooms. A large pillow and duvet help fliers to rest comfortably, but the airline also provides a bed sheet to place over the seat. While it does not add padding, it is meant to provide a clean surface on which to rest, which is a thoughtful touch.  

Newspapers or magazines are offered during boarding. A copy of the Aeroflot magazine as well as a dedicated magazine for business class, Aeroflot Premium, is in the seat pocket. Before landing flight attendants distribute an arrival gift to each business class passenger. This is usually chocolate or a box of tea to enjoy at home.

10/ 10

Short & Medium Haul

On shorter flights, the airline usually flies narrowbody aircraft with recliner-style seats. Still, printed menus and an impressive meal service with multiple courses are similar to the experience of its long-haul flights. The bar features the same top-notch beverage selections including Ayala Champagne and a full wine and cocktail list. By the end of the year, the airline hopes to replace all its short and medium-haul fleet with Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 aircraft. Its Russian-made Sukhoi SJ100s will be redeployed to its mainly domestic carrier – Rossiya1.

The new Airbus A320neo cabin is configured with twelve Business Class seats each offering 96.5-centimetre (38 inches) pitch. Each one features a 13-inch HD monitor, USB and power sockets and boasts premium Jacquard upholstery. High-speed Wi-Fi is also on offer. The Business Class galleys are equipped with Nespresso machines and wine cooler.  


The airline is focused on recycling and efficient ground operations. Pilots also work to monitor noise pollution as well as flight paths to cut carbon emissions where possible. Like other airlines, Aeroflot participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project sharing details on greenhouse gas emissions to help collect data for climate change.

The flight search on includes information on CO2 emissions for each flight. Our quality algorithms also give a higher score to flights operated by the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft.

What We Love

  • Impressive, multi-course meals delivered with restaurant-style presentation
  • The new flat-bed seats on the Airbus A350 with doors that close for privacy
  • The airline’s Strategy-2028. Aeroflot is aiming to be one of the world’s leading airlines by this date with huge upgrades to all aspects of its experience. searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find the best premium travel offers for both flights and the finest hotels. Find the best price for Aeroflot Business Class by making a search on

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