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Inflight dining

SWISS unveils its “Taste of Switzerland” summer 2021 menu & wine list

7. June 2021

by Varun Sharma

The airline’s long-haul premium customers can now enjoy delicious cuisine and wines from the Canton of Ticino – one of the 26 “counties” that makes up Switzerland. SWISS has partnered with the canton’s most renowned restaurant – Ristorante Vicania – and its associated vineyard – Castello di Morcote – to produce an authentic local menu complete with wines and cheese.

As is customary, this "SWISS Taste of Switzerland” menu will last three months … until the end of August. SWISS will offer this menu for its Business Class and First Class passengers on its long-haul services from Zurich.

Ristorante Vicania – with its kitchen run by chef de cuisine Francesco Sangalli – is located in the Ticino village of Morcote. The restaurant sits on the Castello di Morcote wine estate. 

Sangalli has produced dishes for both Business Class and First Class.

The Business Class menu includes sea bass with almond sauce. The menu begins with vitello tonnato – veal, followed by the sea bass or chicken breast infused with Gottardo cheese. The dessert is an elderflower panna cotta with nuts and chocolate crumble.

In First Class, the menu starts with a Swiss prawn cocktail, followed by perch or veal. The meal concludes with a delightful chocolate slice, served with cream cheese and blueberries. 


A Swiss cheese selection is offered in both premium cabins and these include Formagella and Gottardo from the Caseificio del Gottardo along with Brioso, Canaria and Val Blenio

The Swiss wine selection complements the cuisine perfectly. In First Class, passengers are offered a Favola Bianco Ticinese DOC 2019 white or a Castello di Morcote DOC Merlot 2019 red. The SWISS Business wine selection includes an Il Moro Merlot IGT 2018 red and a Bianca Maria IGT 2019 white.


Switzerland’s national carrier has been running its “SWISS Taste of Switzerland” concept since 2002. Every three months a new Swiss canton, restaurant and vineyard is offered to chance to produce a new menu and provide wines for the airline. Indeed, it is seen as an honour to be invited. Both providers and passengers adore the concept as it showcases the best of Swiss food & wine.

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