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British Airways puts sustainability at the heart of its future

9. September 2021

by Henrik Hanevold

In the run up to the forthcoming COP26 global climate change conference being held in Glasgow (Scotland) later this year –  the British flag carrier has launched its BA Better World sustainability programme.

This week, British Airways unveiled an Airbus A320neo – one the most modern and fuel-efficient passenger aircraft in the skies – adorned in the airline’s new sustainability programme livery.


The airline has also announced a new collaboration with bp to source sustainable aviation fuel in respect of all its flights between London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh during the conference. This will provide a lifecycle carbon reduction of up to 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces

Also, as part of BA’s new initiative, customers can now purchase sustainable aviation fuel to reduce their carbon footprint in combination with carbon offsets.

British Airways has long been leading the aviation industry’s efforts to decarbonise. In 1992 it was the first airline to report its carbon footprint. In 2002 it became the first airline to participate in UK emissions trading. In 2020, British Airways became the first major airline to voluntarily offset all emissions from its domestic flights.

BA has showcased some of its other initiatives designed to improve sustainability in the air and on the ground. These include switching from diesel to renewably powered electric pushback vehicles and removing weight from its aircraft by introducing lighter seats and trollies, inflight magazines, and paper flight manuals. It also outlined its efforts to remove single-use plastic and source more products made from recycled materials, including its First Class duvet and World Traveller Plus amenity kits.

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