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Travel as a VIP with a Meet & Greet service

29. December 2020

by Dag Christian Holm

Flying can be a challenge. We have all had to race between connecting flights, been tired of long queues at airport security, or just wished we could live like a VIP …

Why wait in long queues at airport security checkpoints when you can be escorted directly to your gate? Meet & Greet services are available at many airports globally and if your first or business class ticket does not offer one, here are some of our favourites:

Al Maha Services – Hamad International Airport, Qatar

Al Maha Services provides personalised VIP service to passengers arriving, departing, or transiting through Qatar’s Hamad International Airport.

Al Maha Services.

Passengers are met by a host who will help with all the formalities required while the guest relaxes in the exclusive AL Maha Services lounge – either airside or at the arrival terminal.

Relaxing lounge-time.

In the lounge, guests enjoy refreshments, including a generous selection of wraps, sandwiches, juices, and alcoholic beverages. The facilities include unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, showers, and business centre.

When all the formalities are complete, a host will escort you to either the exit or the gate – ensuring a seamless experience.

One of the advantages of Al Maha Services is their different levels of packages: Family, Platinum or Gold – for all arrivals, departures, and transfers – enabling you to design a package according to your own needs.

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Royal Airport Concierge – available at most airports around the world

Royal Airport Concierge is one of the world’s largest providers of Meet and Greet services. Available at 550 airports, there is a good chance that it is available at your airport.

Royal Airport Concierge.


It offers a variety of services that make travel stress-free for departures, arrivals, and transfers. A personal VIP agent escorts you through security checkpoints & immigration control and can help with connection issues, re-booking arrangements and much more.

Depending on the particular security rules that apply at the local airport, the services and offerings can vary – so please contact Royal Airport Concierge in advance.

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Global Airport Concierge – majority of airports around the world

Global Airport Concierge offers services in over 1000 airports worldwide. Whether you are a family on vacation or a business traveller, GAC is there to help.

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Royal Concierge Service.

The company offers Meet and Greet a service for all arrivals, departures and transfers that personally escorts you and/or your family through check-in, security control and directly to the gate.

Exclusive services.

For travellers who desire a more exclusive experience, GAC offers the “Airport by Invitation” service. Available at over 100 airports, the guest receives exclusive access to private terminals, can relax in luxurious & beautifully designed lounges, before they are chauffeured directly to the aircraft.

With its impressive network and a wide range of services, it is easy to find a package that fits your requirements.

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Heathrow VIP – Heathrow Airport, the United Kingdom.

Heathrow VIP goes “above & beyond” to make your trip luxurious. Imagine being driven from your hotel to the airport and directly to the lounge – where you can enjoy complete privacy and refresh – before being personally escorted to your plane.

Heathrow VIP.

Heathrow VIP offers a range of services, such as transportation to Heathrow Airport, private security lines and access to The Windsor Suite, which seasoned travellers consider to be the most exclusive airport lounge in the world.

Heathrow VIP.

You can also hire a personal shopping assistant to aid you and your family navigate through the myriad of airport boutiques, such as Harrods, Chanel and Gucci.

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P/S, Los Angeles International Airport, USA.

P/S has redefined the airport experience for the most discerning and demanding traveller.


Located in a private terminal, far from the hustle & bustle of LAX, P/S is an oasis. It combines incredible privacy and luxurious comfort with a seamless home/hotel to flight experience.

P/S offers an exclusive journey to your aircraft, with private TSA screenings, customs, and immigration. Here, royalty, celebrities and other VIPs wait in private & beautifully designed suites, enjoy meals from some of the finest Los Angeles restaurants until they are chauffeured in a BMW 7-series directly to their aircraft.


Travellers arriving at LAX will be escorted directly from the aircraft, on to the private terminal and relax in their own suite until all the disembarkation procedures are complete.

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