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Product Launch

Air China launches new Business Class suite

1. October 2021

by Henrik Hanevold

The Beijing-based Chinese flag carrier has unveiled its new Business Class product for its Airbus A350 fleet – which features an enhanced Recaro seat – complete with privacy sliding doors.

Air China – a member of Star Alliance – will install this new German-made suite into the fifteen Airbus A350-900s that it will start receiving from the first half of 2022. The carrier already has fifteen 900s but with an older-style Recaro seat in Business Class. It says the enhanced version will help save fuel costs as its predecessor weighed so much more. Recaro says the new seat is one lightest full-flat Business Class seats ever made.

 Recaro CL6720 Business Class seat

Recaro has stated that the new suite will be customised by Air China and that its focus is on a “a huge comfort enhancement and functional optimisation designs". The new suite will feature a 1.98 metre (78-inch) fully-flat bed with “premium foam technology”. This is the first time that Air China has opted for privacy doors and the new cabins will have staggered seats in a 1-2-1 configuration.

 Recaro CL6720 Business Class seat

Air China first flew its Airbus A350s in 2018 on its popular international routes – including London, Frankfurt, and Milan – as well as popular high-traffic domestic routes – including Beijing to Shanghai.

Air China A350

On each -900, Air China has 32 seats in Business Class (1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration), 24 seats in premium economy (2-4-2) and with just over 250 seats taking up economy class.

Air China crew

The carrier also flies Boeing 747-8s and 777-300ERs – both with a Business Class product – but in an “uncompetitive” 2-2-2 seat arrangement. 

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